Shake it like a polaroid picture x

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He roto promesas, que jure nunca romper y he lastimado a personas, que prometí nunca lastimar.

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La heterosexualidad y la homosexualidad son como el bikini y la ropa interior, son lo mismo, pero uno es aceptado en público y el otro no.

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"Let me tell you a little bit of something about a microphone. This thing right here is the key to the entire universe.  This right here, this is your voice.  This represents your voice.  And when someone’s talking or singing into one of these, you know that it means something….Tonight, I want you to know, before you leave, that every single person in this room deserves this.  You have a voice, you deserve to use it.  Never let anyone make you feel like that’s not true”. yelyahwilliams           

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No todas las casas deben tener un perro, pero si todos los perros deben tener una casa.

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Justin Bieber is ❤


yeah,hes awesome!